How I started Scrapbooking

This is my story, a young woman from a neither small, nor big town.

It was a dark, cold November and the rain was continuously pouring down.

I asked myself; “What to do, What to do?

I am bored of the weather, and of my computer games too”.

To pass the time I looked at some pictures that made me smile.

Since they were on the computer, I had not seen them for a while.

“We have lots of digital pictures and live in a very digital age

But sometimes it’s just nice to see and hold them in a book, on a normal page”.

I browsed the web for hours searching for a nice way to store them all.

Finally I found Shimelle Laine and her youtube scrapbook channel.

Full of inspiration I started sorting and printing pictures, 1100 I chose.

Of course I had to share my discovery with my good friend, Black Rose.

Together and alone we started creating and crafting, each in our own way.

Many hours have past embellishing Project Life, and I loved every minute of it I must say.

What is scrapbooking and why do scrapbookers do what we do?
Play the video below and maybe, just maybe you’ll get inspired too.


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