Creative storm, catchy commercial and cookies

More then year ago, I wanted a new hobby and I starting scrapbooking and paper crafting.
Now I also have a blog, (I knew those HTML lessons in secondary school would come in handy!),
matching Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook page, took on graphic design AND
my first release of my digital “Complete Cardstock Collection” (in 12 colors) is due in 14 days…
I’m in a rollercoaster getting it’s behind kicked by a tornado..

While my creative storm rages on (Melodramatic? No…),
I wanted to share something. It’s a commercial with the essence of growing up.
Not often do good commercials appear on TV, get your attention even,
let alone those that make you stop and think.


There was a time when they really mattered
like opening up a door
into another world
wherever, whenever
Then things change
Life gets more complicated
and the places we keep for them grow smaller and smaller
But maybe the stories all still around you
All you have to do is open them up
wherever, whenever

Of course I’m completely skipping the product this company is trying to sell,
but the essence captures my mindset as a crafter, a nail art fanatic,
a designer and yes, even as a gamer.
Because, not only do I create my own worlds, I’ve opened up my door.
Leaving you just enough space to join me in my story, and let’s not forget the main reason why;

come to the dark side we have cookies

David&Goliath Come to the dark side

Click here to view the commercial


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