Creative block? It’s child’s play really

Earlier this week I talked about stories.
Remember those bedtime stories your parents read you before going to sleep?
Or your favorite children’s book, comic or cartoon?
Remember how those stories came alive?
A child’s imagination seems limitless.
You can be anyone, you can do anything, to a child those stories are real.

That’s one of the reasons why, in my opinion, the Walt Disney Company is so brilliant.
They’ve found a way to capture the innocent and childlike imagination by making it tangible
and thus real, no matter what age you are.

But like the poem in the commercial, we grow up.
When life gets complicated, our mind gets simple and loses some of its perspective.
The limitless imagination gets blocked by reality.
In most cases this effects our creativity.

I’m not saying the reality check is a bad thing.
Otherwise some of us would be still wearing capes
or think they are invisible to others when they close their eyes.

The challenge as an adult is to keep your inner child alive and happy
and still fulfill your moral, social and financial obligations.
To be your whole and complete self takes courage and determination.
Not necessarily towards others, but towards ourselves.

As someone with a strong infatuation with some characters of the Disney franchise,
I can only emphasize to never stop dreaming in order to keep your creativity flowing.

laughter imagination dreams

laughter imagination dreams


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