A Pink Update

Just got home form an annual guitar gear meeting.
It’s a meeting with guitar-tech Pink Floyd enthusiasts, who all know each other from a forum.
This was the third year I accompanied the boyfriend in a 18 hour drive to England.
Total time forth and back, crossing time included.
(Just in case you haven’t guessed it already; my other half is a guitar player).

This event is absolutely one of the best weekends of the whole year.
Meeting new people and catching up with the ones you’ve met the years before,
The English breakfast, dinner and teatime, the pub, the sweetest local people,
The small, picturesque and mid evil-looking town in the English county of Shropshire.

The place we’ve stayed in is a magnificent 4 star, 17th Century timber-framed barn,
which has 10+ bedrooms, 3 living rooms, 2 kitchens, a dinging room, barbecue, tennis table,
multiple gardens including a zen garden, and a nice spacious barn where they guys can rock
until their feet can’t carry them anymore.

It’s a funny thing how the creative flow of other people can in-/ or decrease yours.
Listening to 50 versions of the same riff and solo really blocked my ability to design or create.
Since I had forgot my headphones, it was hard to hear myself think at a certain point.
Especially if you have over 10 guitarist cranking it up at the same time..

But all in all it was a very nice vacation and I’ve even got some inspiration out of it.
Since the guitarist are from all over Europe,
I got the idea of making a digital scrapbook in a e-magazine form.
More on this subject when I’ve collected all the pictures taken this year
(which could take a while, because I’ve to wait on a Scottish man who isn’t good with computers).

This week is going to be a working week with (of course) some designing to do
because the deadline is gaining on me fast. Only six more days to go!

Take care and see hope to see you Saturday for another update.


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