Happy news & purple owl

Let me start of with sharing happy news; over 300 people visited my blog in just a month.
I’m very happy with this result and hope you’ll keep accompanying me in my stories and crafts.

And …. I’ve finally been doing some card making.
If you’ve been reading more of my posts you’ll know; crafty creations make me happy!!
In case you are wondering; no, my house is still not finished so I sat on the couch.
Since it was “just one card” I used a storage box as a working space on my lap.

Anyway, my neighbor (and good friend) graduated and I wanted to give her something personal.

The progress
* I googled an image of a wise owl and found a cute image on http://www.misskatecuttables.com (love her designs!)
* Selected different shades of cardstock that I had bought on the last scrap event
* And choose some embellishments which were in my craft stack labeled
Since my neighbor is into the color purple, it was quite obvious what colors I should use.

I recreated the owl with my own twist, added some pattern paper and a scalloped border.
The bow, the beak of the owl and the owl itself are on foam tape.

The result

I really need to learn how to capture a good 3d image, because the card looks flat.
And I made a crooked picture, so the owl looks a bit off..

Feel free to comment if you have any tips.
Hmmzz, I feel a lightbox project coming up…

Enjoy your Sunday evening and don’t miss the release of my digi paper pack April 1st!


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