Scrapadabadoo Craft & Sims 4 CAS Challenge week 34

Hello and a Good Morning to you!

A lot of challenges this week!

To start with, there’s a challenge of Scrapadabadoo Craft.
No layout this time, but an assignment to create an easel card.
My card will be inspired by Tokidoki’s “lovebird”.

Tokidoki lovebird inspiration

Tokidoki lovebird inspiration

Tonight I will assemble my card pieces, and maybe will make a small tutorial if I can find the time.

Another challenge is from The Sims 4!
Since CAS is now available for everyone, the good people over at EA and Maxis want to see us create!

Last weeks’ challenge was to create yourself, this weeks challenge is to create a Sim you want to date.

Sims 4 CAS challenge week 34

Sims 4 CAS challenge week 34

I hope to post the card challenge as wel as The Sims challenge both this Friday.
How about you? Will you join in on the challenges?
Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by and take care!


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