Sims 4 Challenge

Finally! My result of create yourself and a Sim you would like to date challenge!!
So.. This is supposed to be me.

I gave my Sim the lifegoal of a Romantic, with the traits creative, funny and foody.

Missy Krauspunkt

Missy Krauspunkt

And this is what supposed to look like my boyfriend.
I gave my dream-date-Sim the lifegoal of a Musician, with the traits music lover, nerd and spontaneous.

Danny Krauspunkt

Danny Krauspunkt

Playing with CAS made me hope they will add more realistic looking man hairdo’s in the game..

I hope you’ve entered the challenge in time.
Don’t forget to save your creations and upload it to the server,
this way you can intermediately play with your character once you have purchased the game.

The release of the Sims 4 is in less than a week!
So looking forward to see more footage of the game.

Okay, really have no time to post more footage.

Very busy completing papercraft challenges aswell.

Will add a new post, since this was all about The Sims.
Let the countdown begin!!


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