Challenges: Pink layout and Alteration mini project

Hi again!
So, if I wasn’t busy enough, 3 Scrapadabadoo DT members gave a 2 challenges to finish.
I actually finished them within 2 days, minus 20h in the office of course.

First challenge
DT member PaperDutchess gave me an alteration challenge
using the 6″ Jumbo Clothes Pin from the Scrapa webshop.
I don’t think they have it on stock at the moment, but you can always request stuff you don’t see by sending them a messages,
if you are interested of purchasing one of course.

Anyway, my creation is an origami inspired 3d Japanese doll.
You can still open the pin by pressing on her feet, after you remove her head that is..
Okay, before you judge me, let me explain this decision.
If I would turn the design of the doll around, you’d be pinching her head while holding a bit of her “chest”.
Believe it or not, I really did think this through ..

Clothes Pin Alteration - 3d Origami Japanese Doll

Clothes Pin Alteration – 3d Origami Japanese Doll

Anyway, this is the final result of the first challenge;

Second challenge
My second challenge was to make a pink 6″ x 6″ layout, using some templates, butterflies, “proper use of ribbon” and to add bling.
I finished it for as far as I could. Will have to shop for some bling though..
But, since I can’t finish it at the moment, I just wanted to share my progress so far.
(and when I finish the layout, I will remove the extra L-typo..)
YES, a Tokidoki inspired layout again. Can’t help it, but I have a crush on their designs..

Pink Layout - Tokidoki Inspired

Pink Layout – Tokidoki Inspired

Very curious to hear what you think of my crafty creations!
Let me know in the comments below.

Now, on to Twitch to see the next live broadcast!!!!
Thanks for stopping, take care and hope to see you next time.


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