Sims 4 on Twitch TV

Heey everyone!

For those Simmers out there, I hope you’ve enjoyed the Sims 4 Let’s Play Series on Twitch.
Remember, there we’ll be one everyday 12pm PDT for the coming week!

Yesterday there was a live “build” vid.
No worries if you’ve missed it, Twitch can playback just like you’re watching a youtube video.
There will be another one just over 30 minutes!
I’m sorry for pressing the exclamation mark excessively, so very excited!!! haha 🙂

It still doesn’t convince me to buy the game though.
What I really miss, is the color wheel.
The fact that you can’t customize hair, fabrics, surfaces, etc. is really a big miss.

For example, creating my “boyfriend”, I couldn’t give him the right hair color.
And it makes the whole Sim look completely different.

Hope they will show some more buy mode and living mode.

Will you be watching? I know I’ll be!

Thanks for stopping by and I will spam you in another post about my #craftycreations of last week.

Don’t forget the livestream while reading my posts though 😉 just kidding


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