My teenage dream just died.. #TS4LB

Wow. I simply have no good words for tonight’s’ The Sims 4 live broadcast.

Unprofessional setup, the story line seemed ill prepared
and the Guru’s didn’t seem to know general gameplay.
But about the in game content, where are the pools, hospitals,
moveobjectson or build/buy cheats in general?
Where are the vehicles, and why can’t we see our Sims travel through town?
Why did EA/Maxis removed the toddlers and why can our Sims now die from laughter or feeling embarrassed?

You have no idea how this burst my bubble, which was a very happy bubble for over 14 years.
As a true fan of the game, I’m truly disappointed.

And the worst thing of all, none of the questions get answered.
Only gameplay is shown.

I really hope they’ll add expansions which live up to The Sims 3,
because for now, the game is turning my stomach. I truly feel bad, how weird is that?
(Sims4, weirder stories… 😉 )

If anyone knows these answers, please let me know in the comments.

Don’t think I’ll be checking in tomorrow, will be attending another “Wacky Card- &Scrap Event”.

Enjoy your weekend! I hope my bad review didn’t spoil the mood or anything haha.
Take care and hope to see you next time.


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