New layout of my Blog!

If you can read this you’ve succeeded to pass my new homepage 🙂

With all that gaming going on, I just HAD to redo the layout of the menu.
While I was at it, also rearranged some widgets in the layout.

But, the most important things I wanted to share: I added a game-corner!
Here you can find news, reviews and previews about different kinds of games I’m interested in.
The platforms I cover are PS3 and PC, because those I the resources I have on hand.

The genres I play are mostly adventure, point-and-click, RPG and simulation.

I submitted a request to be a beta-tester, so hopefully I can share more news and sneak peek previews soon 🙂

Check the menu for the different subjects.
Hope you like it and that you can find your way around!


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