Villagers and Heroes

I had some much fun with my previous downloaded game on Steam, that I’d decided to try another one.

Villagers and Heroes
Villagers and Heroes is a free-to-play MMO game in which players can battle unique monsters and to various of crafts and quests.

After about 10h of gameplay my game crashed (free play version)
There was a threat found by my firewall and my anti-virus software highly recommended to deinstall the game.
I was just getting to know my way around the worlds and got my character to do what I wanted.

You really have to tweak your controls to move fluently around the different worlds and survive through combat.
Graphics are okay, but definitely not high def.
And in contradiction to the trailer, you can’t be what you want.
If you want to be a farmer for example, you still have to get xp in battle skills before you can purchase a village.
Only then you can buy a house with a garden.
Maybe the fact that my game died, didn’t take me to the point where these options were available, but I can’t say.

Not a bad game to play, but there are definitely better games out there.
Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is an experienced gamer, assuming the full paid game isn’t bugged.

For those of you who are curious about the game anyway, here’s the trailer


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