The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

Another game review of a free Steam game!
Hope this isn’t a overkill for you guys.. Anyway, moving on..!

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot
The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is a Free-to-Play PC game from Ubisoft.
Hack and slash all you can, in an wickedly corrupt medieval fantasy world called Opulencia
where wealth, status and showboating are the name of the game“.

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

It was first released in November 2013, but the game got reworked and was released to open beta on February 2014. This game has a bit of everything to keep it interesting; RPG , Strategy, Action and a lot of looting.

After almost 3 hours of gameplay, I’m really liking the game so far.
It’s filled with tons of humor, nice music and the creatures who help you defend your castle are hilarious to see.
Here are some examples;



The fact that you can play both defense and offense also adds a nice interest.
It doesn’t get boring to troll your online friends by making the dungeon of their nightmare
AND you’d better get to their gold for they come and get yours.
As they say in the game “Your cruelty is the limit!

At the beginning of the game, you start by picking a charterer, your hero of the game.
You can choose between three free characters, Mage, Knight, Archer or pay to be a The Runaway.

It can be a bit “buggy” sometimes, depending on your internet connection and the traffic on the Ubisoft-server.
Also if you end the game, the game is not completely closed. It’s minimized in your system tray icon. Once you’ve closed this by right-clicking on the icon, the game has completely stopped.

Definitely recommending this game if you want to pass some time and have a good laugh.
So, if I got you interested, visit the Ubisoft website or the Steam Store to see more info or links download the game for free.

NOTE: Since this is a Ubisoft game, you’ll have to register for a U-play account.
But don’t worry, that’s also free.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next time!


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