Frankenstein Nail Art

Hello everyone!
As you might have noticed, I’ve been under the radar for a while.
For those of you who’ve seen my Facebook-page,
you could see I got totally addicted to Tropico 4. (It was on sale of Steam)
More on that topic another time.

A friend of mine made me realize I haven’t uploaded any nailart related things for a very long time. So here it is! Just finished painting/decorating my nails with Frankenstein and his bride.

Totally feeling a Halloweenie-mood, although we don’t have that Holiday in my country.

I’ll probably give the guys in the office a good scare tomorrow, but that is the whole point of Halloween right? 😉

I used regular nail polish, black/green stripers, dotting tools and a gel topcoat to seal it off.
The inspiration I got from different posts on Pinterest.

So that’s it for the nails today. I will post another Halloween project in a minute.
Thanks for stopping by and see you in a bit 🙂

Frankenstein Nail Art

Frankenstein Nail Art


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