Rotterdam European city of 2015

Hi Everybody!
So, while everyone is about to finish their Christmas/Holiday projects, I wanted to share something totally different.

A bit patriotic perhaps, but my hometown may crown itself as the best European city of 2015. The award was given by the international Academy of Urbanism from London. Ronald Schneider, city counsellor of Rotterdam received the award. “Winning this award confirms that Rotterdam is at the beginning of a new time period” said Schneider.

Rotterdam Urban award 2015
Speaking about Rotterdam victory, chairman of the Academy Steven Bee said: “The City has a predominantly young, open, tolerant community that is embracing innovative architecture and urban design and new business models. Its strategy is to attract families and businesses to the central area with a variety of housing, excellent public transport and a lively public realm.”

The city was judged on attractiveness, economy, sustainability, welfare and accessibility. Rotterdam takes over the title from Marseille who won in 2014.

In response to this achievement, a well known photographer and filmmaker Eric van Vuuren, has made a aerial video showing you the best highlights Rotterdam has to offer.

Especially after watching the video, do yo agree with the title of Best European City?

Take care and see you next time.


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