RELEASED: Christmas Stories 3 – The Tin Soldier

Are you feeling the Holiday joy, Christmas spirits and is your house infused with the smell of pine needles and cinnamon scented candles and what not? No?

Well, maybe I know a way to get you into the jolly-peace-and-presents vibe. Because let’s face it. Probably going out on a limb saying this, but; as kids, didn’t we all start believing in Christmas magic and in Santa Claus because we got something out of it? Besides snow, hot cocoa and a nicely decorated living room I mean… I’ve found a way to restore the innocent Holiday spirit.

Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish author of children’s stories known for writing fairy tales. Besides the The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling, he’s also written The Steadfast Tin Soldier. Mister Andersen collaborated on another story The Nutcracker and The Mouse King with E.T.A Hoffman, on which the famous ballet The Nutcracker is based.

Of course you can read the books and enjoy the time until Christmas with non-stop reading … BUT.. A casual game developer called Elephant Games has combined my favorite gaming genre with a bit of fairy tales and Christmas Magic into a series of casual hidden object games called Christmas Stories. The previous stories where The Nutcracker (2012) and A Christmas Carol (2013). The third in the Christmas Stories series is The Tin Soldier and was released last week.

Hans Christian Andersen’s Tin Soldier by Elephant Games

Hans Christian Andersen’s Tin Soldier by Elephant Games

The plot
Your old friend Albert, the Nutcracker, needs your help. He turned into a toy again. This time by an evil baron who wants to harm Alberts’ brother Charlie en his fiancé Nina. The baron and his minions turned Nina into a toy ballerina and Charlie into a little toy soldier…

Of course I will give you a full review of all the games, but I just wanted to share the reason why I’m such a fan of the complete series;
All the games contain the same style of beautiful artwork embedded in the scenery, the original stories are given a little twist so they aren’t predictable and some of the mini game puzzles are real brainteasers. The Christmas Stories have easy controls and navigation, a high fun factor and high quality graphics.

For more information or a free trial of The Tin Soldier, visit the official website of Elephant Games.

I would really recommend these games. If you’re a bit like me, after playing these games you immediately want to get up and decorate your house for the Holidays, and bake little gingerbread men 😉

As promised, reviews are coming up. Hope to post the reviews of all 3 Christmas Stories this week.
Thanks for stopping by and take care.


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