Hans Christian Andersen’s Tin Soldier

Christmas Stories 3: The Tin Soldier

The Tin Soldier is the third and newest addition in a game series called Christmas Stories and was December 2014 by Elephant Games. It’s a casual hidden object game based on the original story The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Andersen.

Main Story line
Your old friend Albert, the Nutcracker, needs your help. He turned into a toy again. This time by an evil baron who wants to harm Alberts’ brother Charlie en his fiancé Nina. The baron and his minion trolls turned Charlie into a little toy soldier, Nina into a toy ballerina and kidnapped her! On Alberts’ request you arrive at the castle and help to fight off evil trolls. Unfortunately, Charlie is tossed into the fire. The little soldier melts, but his ruby heart still beats.

I spend all afternoon trying to capture the intro but couldn’t get it to work. A little slideshow of the intro instead;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Quest
The game takes the player through 6 chapters and a 2 bonus games. And, as we know it from the previous Christmas Stories each chapter contains their different setting, scenery, mini games and puzzles. With the help of some friends and a little Christmas Magic, will you be able to revive Charlie, beat the evil baron and his curse and turn everyone human again?

The gameplay is very similar to the first two Christmas Stories. The general controls and navigation are as good as we know it. The cut scenes have improved in quality and new various mini games and hidden object puzzles are added. It’s not like the player has to do the same puzzles in a different setting throughout the series. Besides Achievements, this game also has Collectibles. This time kitty cats are scattered throughout the game. Once again, the Hint button and a Strategy Guide are included.

Extra content with the Collectors’ Edition
The Collectors’ Edition contains 16 wallpapers, 20 concept drawings, 5 soundtracks, 3 screensavers and 2 bonus games. The bonus games offers new storys and mini adventures with some familiar friends and new puzzles to solve.

The Verdict
I’ve experienced this game as entertaining as the first two Christmas Stories, but more exciting. Elephant Games succeeded to create a very good game series based on well known stories. Not only was I dazzled by the artwork used to create the scenery and puzzles, but the little twist to the original stories kept me intrigued throughout the entire game. As mentioned before, I would definitely recommend this game.

For more information or a free trial of The Tin Soldier, visit the official website of Elephant Games. To purchase this game, visit Big Fish Games.

So that’s it for the Christmas Stories! I hope they continue this series and can’t wait to see what story will be next.
Take care and I hope you’ll enjoy the Holidays!


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