Pun inspiration for the “lovey-dovey-day”

Looking for some last minute inspiration for Valentines Day? Done with the chocolates and roses, or maybe you want to give but don’t have much to spend? I’ve created a board over at Pinterest with some pun printables and inspirational cards for the “lovey-dovey-day”. These pun jokes can easily be made into cards or tags and are just perfect to way to surprise your Valentine on a dinner date, with some fruit, veggies, or his/her favorite beverage. Just note that I’ve also added images which are not available as printables or purchase anymore, but are listed to get you inspired. Here are my 10 favorite, original and affordable pun Valentine ideas:

  1. For the coffee-lover, for your coffee-date, or to add to the coffee goodie-bag you assembled for your Valentine

  2. For the Fifty Shades fan who loves tea. Easy to combine with tickets to the movie and a box of Earl Grey Tea

  3. For the pizza-lover and particularly great if you two are grabbing pizza together

  4. Maybe more into sushi than pizza kinda type?

  5. For all those lumberjack-types out there

  6. For someone smokin’ hot or who’s just a pyromaniac

  7. Mountain Dew anyone?

  8. Maybe for a special breakfast on V-day itself (or maybe the morning after?)

  9. Do you have googly-eyes without purpose and want to use them?

  10. For that special someone who just rules(z)

I hope you got inspired to surprise that special someone in an original way. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to share any recreations you’ve made in the comments below or on my Facebook page 🙂 Take care and hope to see you soon.


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