Paper Quilling: PomPom Chicks

Hi everyone! As some of you may know, I enjoy making my own embellishments for projects and crafts. Today I uploaded a quick paper project on my social media channels that I made while crafting at my dear friend PaperDutchess. I had the honor to play around with her inks and papers. I was in the mood for some “pre-spring crafting” and wanted to make paper critters.
I received some comments and emails on how I’d made them. So here you go:

Supplies I used
* Printer paper, A4 or letter size
* Paper trimmer
* Scissors
* Stylus
* Glue stick and Liquid Glue
* Quilling tool
* Spray inks in orange and yellow
* “Spray box”
* Googly eyes
* Glue dots
* Glitter thickers
* Mini bow

How to
* Cut about 1.5 sheet of printer paper in to small strips of 1cm and lightly scored them in half
* Glue about 8 of them together and start making teeny-tiny cuts
* Time to quill/roll and glue the end of the last strip to the coil with a glue stick
* Adjust the shape of the coil by pressing the coil and “fluffing the feathers” then glue the back with liquid glue
* After the glue is completely dry, spray with inks in a old box to prevent spraying your craft room (…)
* Add embellishments and add to project

Tutorial Paper Quilling Pompom Chicks

Tutorial Paper Quilling Pompom Chicks

* The cheaper the paper, the easier it folds and absorbs spray inks.
* The measurements are just a guide, it all depends on the project you’re working on. I wanted small chicks with small paper details. My chicks turned out approximately 3cm high and about 2.5cm wide
* The scores are just a guideline, don’t crease it too much!
* Use a glue stick because it is lighter and dries faster
* Use liquid glue because helps the paper stay in the desired shape
* I used two spritzes of yellow and one orange on the frond and the back, so that every “feather” would be covered with ink
* For the beaks I used the triangle/insert part of the orange letter thicker A, the feet are two cut up Y letters (from the same set as the A)
* The googly eyes, feet and the bow are adhered with glue dots, because I didn’t want the risk of smudging glue

Missing some tools? Here are some tips to replace;
Stylus: embossing tool, empty ballpoint, nail art/cake decorating dotting tool
Quilling tool: toothpick or skewer with a small slit to hold the paper strips, just like I used in the picture
Spray inks: Use Gelatos or Watercolors in a spray bottle mixed with water, use shimmer mists or spray paints; use whatever fits in your project

So this was my first papercraft tutorial! Hope you liked it and that you got inspired. After finishing the chicks you can use them on anything spring, Easter or chicken themed project. You can make bookmarks, napkin holders, magnets, decorate frames, make a wall art.. so many options! I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with them just yet…

Don’t forget to share your recreations with me in the comments below or on my Social Media (links are at the top right of the page).
Thanks for stopping by and take care!


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