Colorful Mind – Mixed Media Page

Hello everyone. So today I finished another page in my art journal. As with all crafts, I’ve learned some things while making this page. For the fun of it, let’s start at the beginning.

I started the background putting pen to the paper and start to make random swirls, dividing the paper into sections. Then I doodled some easy patterns and repeated those patterns several times on both pages. For the doodles I used my Posca Black Marker.

Doodle Away!

Doodle Away!

I now my drawing skills aren’t the best, but it’s good enough for the end result I had in mind.
Once I was done doodling, I colored the patterns using the same color for the same pattern. I even threw some stamped images and washi tape in there. My first lesson learned, was that my Posca Pen bleeds when using baby whipes or Big Brush Markers..

Color the Doodles

Color the Doodles

To finish my pages, I created a cutfile with my Silhouette Cameo, so I had some stencils which I could easily cover with black paint and not worry about staining or whatever. And this is where I share my second lesson learned. There is a word missing on the page! My acrylic paint dried on my palette and I added too much water to “revive it”, which seeped through my stencil made of thin printer paper. It covered the background where the word “she” was supposed to go. So please, add a gentle spritz of water when “reactivating” your paint! Other then that, I’m very happy with the end result. I will journal on the page once everything had the time to air dry.

Finished with a Touch of Black

Finished with a Touch of Black

That’s it for now, I hope you like my page and that you got inspired. Please contact me if you’re interested for a free download of my Silhouette Design for this page. I wish you’ll have a wonderful and blessed (Easter) weekend! Thanks for stopping my and take care.


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