Color your life; relax

Two weeks ago, I posted an article on my Facebook page how coloring as an adult brings comfort and invites creativity, is engaging, relaxing and helps combat stress. Especially for adults. So what is it about coloring that is captivating so many adults? The answer lies in how you react when you’re coloring.

“One way to look at mental health is to be fully present, mentally absorbed, and engaged in what you’re doing in the moment,” says Chris Aiken, MD, an instructor in clinical psychiatry at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine and director of the Mood Treatment Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. “Any activity that does that is going to improve your mental health.” These types of activities — like playing sports or driving — allow you to zone out. You simply focus on what’s happening at that moment, pushing other thoughts, fears, and anxieties to the side. This causes a calming, stress-relieving effect.

“The whole idea behind focusing on one thing for an extended period of time is to bring us into the present,” says Kimberly Wulfert, PhD, a clinical psychologist in Ventura, California. “The past doesn’t exist. The future doesn’t exist. Our whole awareness is being brought into what’s happening at that given point in time.”
Source: book for Adults

Of course I just had to test this, being in a situation needing relaxing and all.. So I went to a dollar store and bought myself this little booklet.

And I have to say that it works! You can just pause you mind form all the lists that are in there, things that you should do or should have done, and solely focus on the pencil, paper and the lines. So simple and brilliant (as most good ideas are..)

And to spread the creativity and happy vibrations, I found this page that offers free printable adult coloring pages;

Free Adult Coloring pages

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget; color your life and relax!


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