No closure – Beta testing Snow White Black Night

The dream of every hardcore gamer; beta testing and streaming. Making money while you’re playing a video game. Maybe even your favorite one or even multiple ones.

I’ve been beta testing since my last post Snow White Black Night this January. Not for money, just testing a free beta demo game. It worked fine and was very fun to play. But.. big but(t), I think the people over at Big Top Games pulled the plug, the Facebook page hasn’t been updated since January 2013, 2 years ago! And the website is one single page with no information about new or current productions. There’s no closure, we players can’t finish the story.

Another production of theirs, Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy, let me to try this beta demo. This Snow White adventure seem to have much more potential in my opinion. So dear Big Top Games, if you’re reading this; we love to continue playing the story, please finish the game!

Nevertheless, I uploaded the complete demo walkthrough on my Youtube Channel.
And yes, I listened to you; It’s with narration. You asked and had to wait 5 months, but I delivered.. My first go at narrating is like Bambi on ice, so please be nice when you leave your comments 😉

That’s it for now, hope this double post makes up for the lost time these past few months.
Take care!


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