Beta Testing: Eventide – Slavic Fable

About a month ago, I received an email that got me so excited! I was selected to be beta testing in my favorite genres by one of my favorite game developers of this moment. With over 45 minutes of gaming and only 10 minutes to complete a survey, it got me pretty excited.

Artifex Mundi Invitation

Artifex Mundi Invitation

Main Story line
You are Mary, a botanist who receives a letter from her grandmother about saving a particular type of plant. Grandma (Baba) lives in a park and without the plant the whole park could be in danger. While driving up to the park, you’re being attacked by “a creature” which pushes you and your car down the road. When you finally reach the village, the same creature kidnaps Baba and leaves her house half wrecked. Will you be able to rescue Baba and the plant she was talking about? And what is so special about a plant?

The Quest
The game takes the player through different chapters, each with their own beautifully designed scenery. As every good Artifex game, this game contains various mini games and puzzles. You won’t be alone in this quest to save Baba. Along the way you’ll meet some new characters and will make new friends that will help you throughout the quest.

The gameplay is good as the other full developed games I’ve played. Good and clear controls, difficulty mode options and the hint button in case you get stuck. (Haven’t used it though). Also very interactive, a bit of the same style in the mini games and puzzles as previous releases, but evenly fun and challenging. Didn’t feel like I was playing a beta-version, nice looking scenery and easy-listening background music which doesn’t get annoying.

The Verdict
It’s another great adventure, full of mystery, great characters and a good plot line. I would definitely recommend to keep an eye out for the official release of this game, if you like casual gaming. Well done Artifex for involving the gaming community and thank you for the invite and the opportunity to test and play!

I’ve made a playlist over on Youtube where you can join me throughout this beta demo. There are 4 vids in total and the will uploaded every other day.

Artifex Mundi - Thanks

Artifex Mundi – Thanks

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