Grim Fandango: Remastered Episode 1

About the game
Grim Fandango: Remastered. It’s the same dark comedy, morbid, melancholic, point and click adventure game which was released 15 years ago. The title says it all. It’s not a remake of the classic; the game has been optimized for HD gameplay, has improved controls and the music has been reinterpreted by a classical orchestra. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the game; you can expect a mix of music genre like bebop, big band, jazz, swing and traditional Mexican music.  The scenery has a art deco look to it, like 1920-1940’s, and is a combination of film noir and Mexican folklore. The game can be quite challenging, you need a serious dose patience and perseverance to get through the game. A true fan of this genre will truly appreciate this renewed classic.

The remastered version includes:
– Repainted, hi-resolution character textures
– New, dynamic lighting
– Classic score re-recorded with a full live orchestra
– Over 2 hours of exclusive developer commentary
– Concept art browser

What can you expect from the first episode?
It’s my first look of the game and let’s play-series kickoff on PC. The game was gifted to me on Steam by Gilmourish. IMPORTANT before you read any further: SPOILER ALERT!! (duh)..

In this first Episode we meet our main character, Manuel Calavera; a travel agent working for the Department Of Dead (DOD) in the World of the Dead. My mission in this episode is to have a good look around, find a driver and get a work order signed. I find a driver, but in order for him actually drive, we need to alter a company car. Since we don’t want to loose our job by altering a company car without consent of “the big man upstairs”, we need to get the work order signed. Unfortunately our boss, office manager Don Copal, doesn’t want to be disturbed..

The game immediately starts after the intro. There is no short explanation about controls and navigations, so this episode is more figuring out how to move around, interact and investigate.

What can we learn in the first minute of gameplay?
Controls Cursor
The normal cursor: Nothing fancy or complicated and easy to move around with your mouse.

Controls: Point of Interest
Points of interest: Big enough to easily be spotted when there’s an object of interest where you can preform actions with.

Controls: Actions
Actions: There are three types of actions, if available of course.
1. Take. You can either take an item and hold an it in your hand or take it and put it in your inventory.
2. Investigate. You can have a closer look at an object to gain information about it.
3. Preform action. You can preform an action with the object itself or with an object from your inventory.

Controls: Inventory
The inventory: There are two different types of inventory, your hand and your jacket.
2. By clicking this icon, you can see your complete inventory (your inner pocket of your jacket), examine or use the objects in it.
1. When you choose to “use” an item, you take it out of your inventory and hold it in your hand. Sometimes you can use items on points of interest or other characters in the game. Note: you can still walk or run if you’re holding an object.

Controls: Move
Moving to/towards: There’s nothing more self explanatory then a big arrow pointing in a certain direction. Beside the obvious point-and-click controls for moving, you can double click if you want to run.

The Characters
In this episode we meet a bunch of new characters, here’s what we learn in episode 1;

Manuel/Manny Calavera
The Main Character of the game. Manny is a junior sales associate for the Department of Death (DOD). His job as a travel agent is to sell travel packages to just deceased humans so they can take their soul to the Ninth Underworld, The Land of Eternal Rest, in a comfortable and safe way.

Celso Flores
Our first client and first character we encounter in the game. Mister Flores doesn’t have the credits to qualify for a big sale. Manny gives/sells him a walking stick ‘The Excelsior Line’ which contains a compass.

Don Copal
Office Manager of the DOD and Manny’s boss. Although we don’t get to meet him, we receive a work order from him through the message-tube and a clear note that he “doesn’t want to be disturbed today”.

The boss’s secretary. By talking to Eva we know there’s been or still is a love interest between Manny and Eva. She also starts to stutter when Manny asks here if she’s been working for another man.

Glottis is a friendly demon who fixes cars for the DOD and would like to be our replacement driver. Unfortunately, he’s too big to fit in a regular company car.

Domino Hurley
Manny’s colleague and a sales associate for the DOD. You can see Domino drive off to The Land of the Living when we visit the garage. Dom made sure I driver went home, ensuring Manny has no (big) sales at the poisoning.

Manny’s Mexican Lingo
Overall, there’s a big Mexican tone in the game. What did we learn from Manny’s lingo?
* Menso – Stupid/ Fool
* Burros – Jackass
* ¿Qué es esto? – What’s this?
* Jefe – Boss / Chief
* Buenos días – Good morning / Good day

That’s it for now. Please check out my video, like, subscribe and hope to see you soon.

My source for this post and for more information about the game or where to purchase it, visit


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