Grim Fandango: Remastered Episode 3

What can you expect from this episode?
IMPORTANT before you read any further: SPOILER ALERT!! (duh)..

In this Episode we get to talk to Eva and Domino, have a little look in Dom’s office and our own, meet a very grumpy demon mechanic and fill up balloons. We gain access to the tube switcher communication hub, obtain a deck of cards and a fire extinguisher.

Talking to our colleagues doesn’t make us much wiser. Glottis isn’t in the garage, he’s probably working on the car for extra speed. So where does that leave us? I think the communication hub is the big star of this episode. Remember the dead worms we got from the Clown in the previous episode? Well, this episode we fill them with chemicals. If you want to know why, you’ll have to wait for the next video..

The Characters
Not much going on in this episode, and only one new character;

There are some things from the dialogue that raise some questions;
* What sin did Manny commit to have to pay of his debt in community service by working in the DOD?
* We know there’s rivalry between Manny and Domino, but did he actually punch him at the Christmas party and why?
* Why does Domino get better clients? Why are his sales better than ours? How can he be so sure he’ll get 4 premium sales in a week?

Domino Hurley
Manny’s colleague and a sales associate for the DOD. He’s a big shot, or at least thinks he is.We finally have the chance to give him a piece of our mind.

Nameless Pink Demon Mechanic
The grumpy fixer of the tube switcher. Really kind find his name! Anyway, love his phrase “you with your fancy suit and your nose holes way up in the air”.

Manny’s Mexican Lingo
What did we learn from Manny’s lingo?
* Hay te haucho – See you later

That’s it for now. Please check out my video, like, subscribe and hay te haucho!


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