Grim Fandango: Remastered Episode 10

What can you expect from this episode?
IMPORTANT before you read any further: SPOILER ALERT!! (duh)..

In this Episode we get rescued out of the water by dockmaster Velasco, meet our old ‘friend’ Celso Flores and try to help Celso finding his wife. While entering year 2, Manny gets a job and by the looks of things now owns a casino of some sort. We are asked to come downstairs by an employee, because there’s a woman who wants to talk to us. Who is this employee en who is this woman? You’ll have to wait for the next episode!

The Characters
New faces and character updates.

Dockmaster of Rubacava. Our savior from the water/sea/harbor. When he was alive he lost his eye and still wears an eyepatch for the phantom pain. He has a problem remembering names, but is good at recognizing faces.

Celso Flores
Our first client and first character we encountered in the game. Mister Flores didn’t have the credits to qualify for a big sale. Manny gives/sells him a walking stick ‘The Excelsior Line’ which contains a compass. While searching for his wife he converts the walking stick to a mop, hoping to see her when she passes through.

Mrs. Flores
We only she her in a picture and find out she left ‘with a hunk’ in a cabin for two.

Police Chief Bogen
The one man who upholds the law in Rubacava, a gambler with a grudge as Manny ends his lucky strike at the roulette table.

Manny’s Mexican Lingo
New phrases learned in this episode;
* Velasco (also Belasco or Belasko) derived from the Basque bela- meaning Raven / Crow

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