Grim Fandango: Remastered Episode 11

What can you expect from this episode?
IMPORTANT before you read any further: SPOILER ALERT!! (duh)..

In this Episode we have a quick look in Manny’s bedroom where we find letters from Salvador, telling us the carrier pigeons successfully hatched. We talk to Lupe, Glottis, Chowchilla Charlie. Talking to Charlie gives us a betting stub printer. After a year we find Meche, only to lose her again.

The Characters
New faces and character updates.

Dockmaster of Rubacava. Our savior from the water/sea/harbor. When he was alive he lost his eye and still wears an eyepatch for the phantom pain. He has a problem remembering names, but is good at recognizing faces. He sees us falling in the Sea of Lament of the second time.

Our cheerful receptionist and wardrobe assistant. She has set up a new coat check system by using the tiles with numbers from the old automat.

Our trusty travel companion is now the pianist of Calavera Cafe.

Chowchilla Charlie
A criminal and a forger. After printing fake betting stubs he comes to Calavera Cafe. Charlie claims to have an infallible way to win from the slot machines.

Mercedes Colomar
Manny has found ‘his’ Meche, only to lose her again to Domino.

Domino Hurley
It looks like Domino has kidnapped Meche, taking her away from us on the SS Lambada.

Manny’s Mexican Lingo
New phrases learned in this episode;
* Hola – Hello
* Mano – Pal / Buddy / Mate
* Carnal – Brother
* Marillo de Oro – a very fine liquor with solid gold flakes
Derived from ‘Amarillo’ – yellow / addictive narcotic which is made from morphine and ‘Oro’ – Gold

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