Grim Fandango: Remastered Episode 12

What can you expect from this episode?
IMPORTANT before you read any further: SPOILER ALERT!! (duh)..

In this Episode we take a look around in Rubacava’s pier, cat race track, tattoo parlor, huge cat litter area and customs. This is not really much of an exciting episode, more a stroll through town. We obtain an automatic can opener and flirt with the customs officer.

The Characters
Some new faces around town.

Tattoo artist and not very happy with Manny distracting him from his job.

He’s getting a tattoo while drinking out of a green bottle, probably to ease the pain.

Customs Agent. She has a metal detector that Manny seems interested in, but she seems very interested in Manny.

Manny’s Mexican Lingo
New phrases learned in this episode;
* Lumbago – pain in the lower back region
* ¿Cómo estás?- How are you?
* Es peor que la muerte – It is worse than death

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