Pocket Letter Share – My first two creations

So.. I have a confession to make.. I have yes another papercraft addiction. It is so much fun and you get to create and exchange with such nice people! It’s called pocket letters. What you do is you take a 9 pocket sleeve and fill each slot. For the backside you just add paper goodies to exchange. It’s like pen pals all over again, but than with something you actually like! I remember getting socks as a kid, so yeah, this is way better!

This was my first creation. A pink background is such a challenge for me, but I like to make something the recipient likes as well.

First ever pocket letter - you've got mail theme

First ever pocket letter – you’ve got mail theme

This is my second and I’m so proud of it! There was a lot of creative process going on with this one. My ink cartridges died and made a pink die cuts … for a vintage Halloween theme… So I called out to a friend and she let me use a background and couple embellishments. Lifesaver!

Vintage Halloween themed pocket letter

Vintage Halloween themed pocket letter

Printing on dictionary pages

Printing on dictionary pages

Before my cartridges died, I had this brilliant amazing idea! I was so happy that I came up with it and I don’t know why I haven’t before. You see the thing is, I don’t own any Halloween stamps. So.. I Adhered some old book pages to regular printer paper and printed on them. Simple but awesome right? * Sorry if I got carried away, but I LOVEE the end result SO much*

So I did some inking with distress inks and some layering with different cardstock, added some goodies and tadaa!
Oh .. and by the way .. yes I will finish the Grim Fandango series. Hope to do so this weekend.

That’s it for now, take care and hope to see you next time 🙂



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