UPDATED: Monoprinting art pages

My mojo is back! * Oh Happy Days *

This last couple of days I’ve been having so much fun with monoprints!
Monoprinting is a form of “printmaking” that has images that can only be made once, unique prints made by you. There are many techniques of monoprinting and there’s really no rhyme or reason. I found it freeing, easy and messy fun, feeling like a child finger-painting.

The bases of my monoprint-pages are scrap pages which I used to blot/rub of excess paint or inks. From there it’s just building layers. Be sure to dry your paint/inks in between and (if you’re mixing or blending colors) make sure the color combo doesn’t turn muddy brown.

Different papers or undergrounds will give different results. In my case I used copy paper, my craft mat, stencils, stamps and leftover paints. Tutorial is coming soon, but just wanted to share this project I’m currently working on.

In a nutshell;
– Make paint swirls on your paper, straight out of the bottle/tube of paint
– Tap the swirly lines with a dry brush, use a stippeling motion to spread the paint
– Spritz / mist with water
– Put a second piece of paper on top and press the two pages firmly together, use a brayer or old book
– Gently peel the paper off each other

Because of the fact that the pages are unique, I’m going to scan the pages and store the originals. The copies I’ll use as mail art pieces (pocket letters) and collaging in my art journal. Very convenient if you don’t want to start of with an empty background.

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by and take care. Enjoy your weekend!


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