Feeling Wired!

2016 has gone off to a good start and I am loving it! As some of you already know, I have been working on designs for a while, I got them manufactured and I opened an Etsy shop.

Now it’s my job to turn this hot mess Knipsel3

into these lovely packages..

I made my first official sales on Etsy yesterday. It is so nice to sell to people that understand you don’t want to get rich, but share inspiration and creativity. My Happy Mail Shaped paper clips were boosted on Facebook by a fellow YouTuber. She is an amazing crafter and I’ve been following her for a while. No idea she had her own paperclip group and then BOOM! So many likes and kind messages, that it filled my heart with happiness and gratitude.

While we are still on the money subject… What in the world happend to the prices of sending out mail? Holy cheese on a chopstick! Prices have doubled since December. So.. on that rant of a note.. I will adjust my shipping prices after February 6. If you want a steal of a deal, I suggest you go and have a look in my shop insert evil grin

Now I have to go and create more good looking goodies. Thank you very much for stopping by and remember, don’t forget to share a smile (and visit my Etsy shop.. gehehe!)


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