Should I re-introduce myself?

No I did not fall off the face of the earth, although I must admit that it kind of feels that way..
I got sick, lost my job, got myself hired again AND started my own company. I got sick again and well.. here I am. Almost embarrassed to show myself on my own blog after more than six months. Anyway, let the random ramble continue:

This past weekend I have been very busy updating my socials. My Instagram is now less of a mess. We have
1; @cbmpaperdesign- my normal account. 2; @cbmpaperdesignshop- for all Etsy related posts. 3; @cbmnails- for (duh) nailart. Hope this helps you guys! And yes this is all me so please don’t report as copycat.

I also have been designing again. I’m working on more products for my “Happy Mail” stationery line. And.. I have scheduled YouTube vids again. Crafters and Gamers be aware! I’m waiting for some goodies to arrive from DoreenBeads and Aliexpress (..because I’m a cheapskate and had made a promise to some kind sales ladies a year ago – sorry “Doreen”) so I cannot tell you when you can expect something. Yes, she just did that. Showing up after way-to-long, telling you not to expect things.. ** I should change the subject **
Speaking of which.. have you seen my new homepage? I wish this theme came with more options for the menu bar, but oh well. I’m too attached to this pretty black page.

Maybe I should have Vlogged this, but this is quicker and since I was updating SO many socials, I could resist leaving a little note. Also, I’m a bit camera-shy ** sshh.. don’t tell anyone ** Maybe next time. Because there will be a next time.. someday.. Hope to catch you then! x Niq



  1. so lovely to see you again here Niq!! i know Luke will be thrilled to see you back on YT doing gaming again and I am just happy to see my friend on social media again – even if she is feeling shy- awwww well I can’t comment as STILL havent’ SKYPed heehehe – I will do – I promise!!! xxxxx Best of luck with it all – big hugs and lots of love xxxxx


  2. So lovely seeing you back again Nq!!! I did write before but don’t think it went through – it it did – please delete one of my comments! So lovely seeing you on social media again and I know Luke will be looking forward to your you tube gaming videos and I to your crafting ones. Awww to you being shy – I can’t say anything, I still havent’ skyped you – I will do someday though – hehehe xxxx big hugs Michelle xxx


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