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UPDATED: Monoprinting art pages

My mojo is back! * Oh Happy Days *

This last couple of days I’ve been having so much fun with monoprints!
Monoprinting is a form of “printmaking” that has images that can only be made once, unique prints made by you. There are many techniques of monoprinting and there’s really no rhyme or reason. I found it freeing, easy and messy fun, feeling like a child finger-painting.

The bases of my monoprint-pages are scrap pages which I used to blot/rub of excess paint or inks. From there it’s just building layers. Be sure to dry your paint/inks in between and (if you’re mixing or blending colors) make sure the color combo doesn’t turn muddy brown.

Different papers or undergrounds will give different results. In my case I used copy paper, my craft mat, stencils, stamps and leftover paints. Tutorial is coming soon, but just wanted to share this project I’m currently working on.

In a nutshell;
– Make paint swirls on your paper, straight out of the bottle/tube of paint
– Tap the swirly lines with a dry brush, use a stippeling motion to spread the paint
– Spritz / mist with water
– Put a second piece of paper on top and press the two pages firmly together, use a brayer or old book
– Gently peel the paper off each other

Because of the fact that the pages are unique, I’m going to scan the pages and store the originals. The copies I’ll use as mail art pieces (pocket letters) and collaging in my art journal. Very convenient if you don’t want to start of with an empty background.

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by and take care. Enjoy your weekend!


Born to make mistakes, not fake perfection

Hello everyone!
I know it’s been a long while since I blogged.
Something bad sneaked up on me and clouded my thoughts and restrained my actions.

I decided that the best way was to show you;

Unfortunately I’m not fully recovered, but I’m getting there.

I want to thank everyone for sticking around.
That’s it for now. Take care and hope to see you soon.

Coffee Religion Art Journal Page

Hello everyone!

This week I have been working on a coffee themed art journal page, inspired by a quote I saw on Facebook. I LOVE coffee, especially cappuccino. I was thrilled to have found a coffeemaker which can make a great cappuccino in just minutes, without the hassle of whipping up milk. I already made a page about my favorite cold beverage, but now it was time for a hot one!

Supplies I used
* Faber Castell Gelatos
* Baby Whipes
* Faber Castell Big Brush / Pitt artist pen
* Faber Castell Gesso
* Uni Posca Paint Markers
* WOW! Funky Border Strips stamp
* Distress Ink Walnut Stain
* Lindy’s Stamp Gang Dark Chocolate Truffle

Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee cups - Background

Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee cups – Background

For the background I cut apart some boxes from Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee cups.

Walnut Stain stamping

Walnut Stain stamping

I stamped the background with distress ink Walnut Stain using a WOW! Funky Border Strips stamp for the text and a toilet paper roll for the circles.

Gesso Wash

Gesso Wash

A watered-down wash of Gesso to push the images more to the background and prep the paper for some coloring.

I colored the cups on the page using my Big Brush Markers and Posca Markers. I also used the same markers to write down the quote. I tried to give the background a washed color of brown Gelato, but it looked like dirty paper. In an attempt to save it, I generously sprayed some Dark Chocolate Truffel shimmer spray over the pages. Unfortunately, the spray has more shimmer than color. To illustrate the shimmer-overload, I made two photos. The bottom one is using the flash on my camera.

Coffee Religion Page Finished

Coffee Religion Page Finished

I might add a border to the pages, but for now I’ll leave it until I get used to the amount of sparkle .. Last but not least, I’d like to thank my good friend PaperDutchess for lending me her spray.
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you like my crafty creation and that you got inspired. Take care and hope to see you next time.

Colorful Mind – Mixed Media Page

Hello everyone. So today I finished another page in my art journal. As with all crafts, I’ve learned some things while making this page. For the fun of it, let’s start at the beginning.

I started the background putting pen to the paper and start to make random swirls, dividing the paper into sections. Then I doodled some easy patterns and repeated those patterns several times on both pages. For the doodles I used my Posca Black Marker.

Doodle Away!

Doodle Away!

I now my drawing skills aren’t the best, but it’s good enough for the end result I had in mind.
Once I was done doodling, I colored the patterns using the same color for the same pattern. I even threw some stamped images and washi tape in there. My first lesson learned, was that my Posca Pen bleeds when using baby whipes or Big Brush Markers..

Color the Doodles

Color the Doodles

To finish my pages, I created a cutfile with my Silhouette Cameo, so I had some stencils which I could easily cover with black paint and not worry about staining or whatever. And this is where I share my second lesson learned. There is a word missing on the page! My acrylic paint dried on my palette and I added too much water to “revive it”, which seeped through my stencil made of thin printer paper. It covered the background where the word “she” was supposed to go. So please, add a gentle spritz of water when “reactivating” your paint! Other then that, I’m very happy with the end result. I will journal on the page once everything had the time to air dry.

Finished with a Touch of Black

Finished with a Touch of Black

That’s it for now, I hope you like my page and that you got inspired. Please contact me if you’re interested for a free download of my Silhouette Design for this page. I wish you’ll have a wonderful and blessed (Easter) weekend! Thanks for stopping my and take care.

Inspiring: Dina Wakley talks Art

Hello again!

I found this vid on YouTube which is so inspiring to create and keep creating, no matter what kind of artist you are.

In this interview by the ArtistsNetwork, Dina Wakley shares her thoughts about art journaling, mixed-media, how she became an artist and much more.

For anyone who doesn’t know Dina Wakley; she’s an amazing and inspiring artist who creates stamps, wrote books about Art Journaling and has her own line of paints and various art supplies. For someone so talented she is so humble. See the video down below to see what I’m rambling about! For more info about this artist, visit

I hope you’ve got inspired to do more of what you love and that you create and keep creating. Have a nice day!