Welcome to my game-corner!

Here you can find news, reviews and previews about different kinds of games I’m interested in. The platforms I cover are PS3 and PC, because those I the resources I have on hand. The genres I play are mostly adventure, point-and-click, hidden object, RPG and simulation. I submitted a request to be a beta-tester, so hopefully I can share more news and sneak peek previews soon. So far I tested out two games, hope more will follow!

Check the menu or the images below for the different subjects. And better yet, visit my YouTube Channel for my Let’s Play and Walkthrough series. Enjoy and GAME ON!

snow white black night Villagers and Heroes Eventide Slavic Fable Grim Fandango Remastered Tropico 5 Celebrate Sims 15-years12 Labours of Hercules III Christmas Stories 2 A Christmas Carol Christmas Stories The Nutcracker Tin Soldier The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Song of the Dark Swan King's Quest


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