Nailart á la NiQ

As a little girl I’ve always loved the look of red nail polish my Mother used to wear. As a teenager I started to experiment with lots of funky colors. A couple of years ago I wanted to change something about my appearance, without doing anything funky that is… For me nail polish is the perfect accessory to top of my look.

Somehow doing my nails turned into a hobby. My inspiration comes from youtube, pinterest and from pattern papers, although my favorite is a french mani.

As a 4-year old I started with Barbies’ water-based polish. More then 20 year later, I own over 60 bottles. * nailartjunkie represent * If you want to see regular creations, follow me on my Instagram – Yes, my nails have their very own account
To give you an impression of my creations thus far, you can also visit my Pinterest board.


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