The thing about Etsy…

So.. Imma Etsy noob, that’s for sure.. Not knowing that there where options to close your shop if you didn’t had items listed, I have had an empty shop for almost 2 years. Not so good for your shop statistics *oopsie, my bad..

Etsy is a marketplace for handmade items. If you’d like to sell items from another category then Etsy is definitely not for you.

Let’s make an overview of the things you should know before opening an Etsy shop.

There are different types of fees:
– Listing Fees; You will be charged a listing fee of $0.20 USD for each item that you list for sale on Etsy’s website or mobile apps
– Transaction Fees; When you make a sale through Etsy, you will be charged a transaction fee of 3.5% of the item price
– Payment Processing Fees; Digital VAT (Value-Added Tax) Fees
– Currency Conversion Fees.

All in all, Etsy takes about 15% of total sales revenue and PayPal 10% of every payment.

The plus side of this if you don’t have to own a website, know anything about secure payment options and Etsy has a buyer+seller protection. It’s a good starting point and a great place to build up your customer base since you’ll probably will get exposure just by listing on Etsy and using their market place.

But(!) Giving up 25% of each item is a lot. Will it weigh up to the cost of having your own website with the cost of your hosting provider, secure payment options and you putting in the time to make layouts, pages, do maintenance, etc.?

Maybe. If you can remember something of your HTML and SQL lessons in school or are a natural star in code then Etsy is not the way to go. The 25% you “save” can be used for other purposes as mentioned above or even to save up for a little marketing.

This is not a post concluding to chose one or the other. If you want to increase your monetization and be more in control of the overall look and feel then build your own shop. Of course.. there’s also the option to do both. I wish I knew the total of the fees before I started Etsy way-back-when.

I hope this was a bit helpful if you are thinking of opening an Etsy shop. Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you next time! Don’t forget to share a smile:)


4 years!

I have no words. It’s already been four years since I came up with the ideas for creativeblackmind and CBM Paper Design..!

I’ve opened an Etsy shop (and tried) to sell digital pattern paper, I’ve set up this blog, a YouTube channel, designed and manufactured my own designed stationery and now my graphics are printed via Redbubble and I sell custom designs. Along the way I was set back by a burnout, depression, anxiety attacks and chronical fatigue.. but look where we are now! Yes I am still struggling with my health and that’s why I keep disappearing. This is not a pity call, I just share major events of the past years.

I am still thinking of a good way to celebrate the four years Creativeblackmind. If you have any ideas, please let me know in the comments!

Four years also came with a style evolution of my logo

Style evolution logo

It’s fun to see how far I’ve come. I hope you guys will stick around and celebrate more milestones with me.

Thank you very much for stopping by and hope to see you next time. Don’t forget to share a smile! 🙂

Should I re-introduce myself?

No I did not fall off the face of the earth, although I must admit that it kind of feels that way..
I got sick, lost my job, got myself hired again AND started my own company. I got sick again and well.. here I am. Almost embarrassed to show myself on my own blog after more than six months. Anyway, let the random ramble continue:

This past weekend I have been very busy updating my socials. My Instagram is now less of a mess. We have
1; @cbmpaperdesign- my normal account. 2; @cbmpaperdesignshop- for all Etsy related posts. 3; @cbmnails- for (duh) nailart. Hope this helps you guys! And yes this is all me so please don’t report as copycat.

I also have been designing again. I’m working on more products for my “Happy Mail” stationery line. And.. I have scheduled YouTube vids again. Crafters and Gamers be aware! I’m waiting for some goodies to arrive from DoreenBeads and Aliexpress (..because I’m a cheapskate and had made a promise to some kind sales ladies a year ago – sorry “Doreen”) so I cannot tell you when you can expect something. Yes, she just did that. Showing up after way-to-long, telling you not to expect things.. ** I should change the subject **
Speaking of which.. have you seen my new homepage? I wish this theme came with more options for the menu bar, but oh well. I’m too attached to this pretty black page.

Maybe I should have Vlogged this, but this is quicker and since I was updating SO many socials, I could resist leaving a little note. Also, I’m a bit camera-shy ** sshh.. don’t tell anyone ** Maybe next time. Because there will be a next time.. someday.. Hope to catch you then! x Niq

Feeling Wired!

2016 has gone off to a good start and I am loving it! As some of you already know, I have been working on designs for a while, I got them manufactured and I opened an Etsy shop.

Now it’s my job to turn this hot mess Knipsel3

into these lovely packages..

I made my first official sales on Etsy yesterday. It is so nice to sell to people that understand you don’t want to get rich, but share inspiration and creativity. My Happy Mail Shaped paper clips were boosted on Facebook by a fellow YouTuber. She is an amazing crafter and I’ve been following her for a while. No idea she had her own paperclip group and then BOOM! So many likes and kind messages, that it filled my heart with happiness and gratitude.

While we are still on the money subject… What in the world happend to the prices of sending out mail? Holy cheese on a chopstick! Prices have doubled since December. So.. on that rant of a note.. I will adjust my shipping prices after February 6. If you want a steal of a deal, I suggest you go and have a look in my shop insert evil grin

Now I have to go and create more good looking goodies. Thank you very much for stopping by and remember, don’t forget to share a smile (and visit my Etsy shop.. gehehe!)